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WorldWide Outreach is the team that oversees our missions efforts and support. We not only manage the missions budget, but support these efforts by seeking to connect our church body with each group or individual we support. Our aim is to increase the awareness at DFCC of how God is working around the world through each of these, so that our church may become involved in God’s work throughout the world.

Don’t miss the quarterly trips we’re taking to Rosarito to work with the children’s home there!

God Bless,
– Sarah Shead (Word Wide Outreach Director)

DFCC Missions Blog

Erin’s Blog – Sent to Ecuador

Mission Sunday: Hear About Ecuador!

Don't miss this Sunday, August 21! Our Ecuador team will be sharing about how God is at work in the Guayas province.

Ecuador Update!

Our Ecuador team is doing well, working with kids, teens, and participating in the life of the church in Samborondon. Please keep us in your prayers because we are supposed to do construction this morning, but one member has been recovering from a stomach infection,...

We’re On Our Way

Our Ecuador team has arrived safely in Samborondon! We are especially thankful that not only we made our connections, but our 17 bags did as well. Tonight we'll be hosting a kids' program with puppets and games. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! --Sarah

Don’t Be a Sad Elephant

I'm not sure if you know this about me: I am an introvert. This doesn't mean I don't like people. It means that I need alone time to recharge after being with people. I don't get really excited about parties, but I do like to catch up with my friends. I once heard an...

Tarzan Inspires Me

I recently watched the Legend of Tarzan and had my breath taken away. I could try to describe the sweeping landscapes, the themes of man vs. nature and man vs. man, or the action and acting. However, that wasn’t what got to me. It goes like this: There’s a bad guy....


Sometimes, I let too much time go by between updates. Sometimes, I can't connect my computer to the Internet and I have to rely solely on my cell phone (ok, this actually is most of the time). Sometimes, the "on" button on my cell phone quits without notice and leaves...

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Want to Hear More From Erin?

Visit her blog to hear more from Ecuador

These are some of the people and places we support…

Angeles Crest Christian Camp

Local Camp, where our kids & students attend

Eden Orphanage

Children’s Home in Korea

El Recreo Chuch - Ecuador

Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs
Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs
Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs

Working in a town of broken homes, gangs and drugs

Hope International Universtiy

Local Christian University

International Conference on Missions

Annual conference to encourage and equip missionaries & supporters

International Emergency Services

Relief for victims of disasters, partnering with churches and leaders already at ground zero

Korea Christian Gospel Mission

Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs
Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs
Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs

Children’s home, evangelization and leader training

Samuel & Paola Lefimil

Working with vulnerable children, families and church leadership in Ecuador

Ismael & Amy Morrison Cortez

Coordinating the University Project, missionaries to Ecuador

Tijuana Christian Mission

Children’s home, women’s shelter and church planting

United Christian Youth Camp

Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs
Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs
Working in a town of broken homes, gangs, and drugs

Camp in Prescott, AZ where our High School group attends

The University Project

Scholarships for Ecuadorian University students

Sarah Shead

Sarah Shead

WorldWide Outreach Director/ Church Administrator

Sarah is a missionary kid who grew up under the Chilean dictatorship of Pinochet in the 1980s. A city girl at heart, she quickly migrated to Los Angeles after earning a degree in theology from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. Her pride and joy is seeing former students thrive as adults (she volunteers as a youth sponsor with Encounter), forming partnerships between DFCC and missions worldwide, and, of course, the most adorable kids in the world – her nephew Miles and niece Nora.

Q & A with Sarah:

Q: Who are your favorite authors?
A: I love reading Charles Dickens, Philip Yancey, JK Rowling, CS Lewis, Henry Cloud, and Gary Haugen.
Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: When I get free time, I spend it hanging out with the students from Encounter, crocheting while watching Nexflix, sharing soul-filling conversations with friends over tea and coffee, gawking at incredible architecture and dreaming about traveling to Europe.
Q: What’s your favorite non-existent invention?
A: A self-cleaning house! I’d love to be ready for guests at a moment’s notice.

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