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Sometimes, I let too much time go by between updates.

Sometimes, I can’t connect my computer to the Internet and I have to rely solely on my cell phone (ok, this actually is most of the time).

Sometimes, the “on” button on my cell phone quits without notice and leaves me without connection to the non-immediate world for 5 days.

Sometimes, when I finally get to log back in to social media, I see trends that I resist for a while and then give in by posting a series of black and white photos in a blog entry because I know I’ll forget to post daily.

Sometimes, I get invited to eat lunch at someone’s house and I arrive early so I can learn Ecuadorian cooking techniques.  The above are fried, smashed, and refried chunks of green plantain, locally called “patacones”. They are delicious and usually served with shrimp and fish dishes.

Sometimes (well, pretty much everyday), I cross this bridge to get to and from the bus stop.  It makes me smile every time.  It’s just so colonial and old world.  The bridge crosses a stream that flows in or out depending on the tide even though it’s over 50 miles to the open ocean.

Sometimes, when I walk to the bus stop I come across horses, a flock of goats, ducks, or even dogs. No cats though. They don’t seem to like walking along the stream like the rest of us.

Sometimes, when I’m waiting for the bus someone shows up with a few 100 lb. bags of rice. This time was strange because the bus was headed toward the rice fields. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but that might mean that it was smuggled rice from Peru.

Sometimes, I come across eggs at the market that are so pretty and colorful that I can’t bring myself to post them in black and white. I can’t bring myself to eat them either.  Still don’t like eggs, but sometimes they serve them to me and I try to not make a fuss.

Sometimes, I have the intention of writing a deep post full of pictures and stories of my current life in Ecuador.

Sometimes, the tech won’t cooperate and I can’t load anymore pictures.

Sometimes, my brain shuts down and I end up with a fluff piece.  Sorry, Mom. I’ll be more informative next time.

We humans are sometimes this, sometimes that.  But we do have absolutes:

God is always good.

Jesus is always the Way, the Truth and the Life.

His Spirit is always with us.

I am learning to always be thankful.


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