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Stephen Pate

Stephen Pate

Student Ministries Pastor

Stephen has been leading the student ministry at DFCC for nine years. He attended Hope International University where he received his BA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Christian Leadership. Stephen and his wife, Marissa, love ministering to and sharing life with the students of Downey. During his free time he loves drinking coffee, reading, surfing, playing basketball, and traveling.

Q & A with Stephen:


Q: Do you have any favorite sports?
A: Yes! I love playing and watching basketball. Go Duke Blue Devils! Surfing is another favorite of mine. Also, ultra competitive dodgeball at church.

Q: What are your favorite fiction books?
A: The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Stand

Q: What about non-fiction?
A: The Bible! (you saw that one coming). I also love The Ragamuffin Gospel and In the Name of Jesus.

Q: What show constantly makes you laugh?
A: Oh man, The Office.

Q: What are three jobs you’ve had that might suprise people?
A: Let’s see…I’ve actually been a Lifeguard, a Pizza Cook, and a Chess Instructor.

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