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Meet our Teachers and Staff
Kerri Muir

Kerri Muir

Children's Ministries Associate

Kerri grew up in the beautiful countries of Austria and Romania, before coming to the US where she got her BA in Biblical Studies and Children’s Ministry from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. She and her husband, David, love serving the children at DFCC. She also has two adorable cats – Banksy, a large ridiculously cuddly tabby cat, and Dublin, a small exceptionally spunky tabby cat.

Q & A with Kerri:
Q: You sound like you’ve lived in a ton of different places! Where all have you lived?
A: Yep! I’ve lived in Bristol (England), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Chicago (Illinois), Littleton and Palmer Lake (Colorado), Los Angeles (California), Oradea (Romania), and Vienna (Austria).

Q: Where else would you love to travel?
A: Tons of plances, but mostly I dream of exploring Greece, New Zealand, The Caribbean.

Q: Do you have any favorite foods?
A: Absolutely, there’s gelato, brownie sundaes, shepherd’s pie, fish tacos, chicken tikka masala, and deep dish Chicago pizza!

Q: Do you have any non-fiction books that have changed you?
A: There are four that I think have made a big impact – Half the Sky (Nicholas Kristof), Everyday Justice (Julie Clawson), The Connected Child (Dr. Karyn Purvis), and On Being a Theologian of the Cross, Reflections on Luther’s Heildelberg Disputation, 1518 (Gerhard O. Forde).

Q: Do you have any weird fears?
A: Oh goodness yes, the deep, dark creepy ocean freaks me out…as do great hordes of ant.

Mark Schoch

Mark Schoch

Family Ministries Pastor

Mark’s passsion is serving the families at DFCC. He is married to his lovely wife, Lisa Schoch, and has an awesome son, Noah. He received his Bachelor’s of Christian Ministry from Hope International University. In his free time, his favorite thing to do is spend time in worship – if he gets the chance he’ll just find some shade and sit in the car with his Bible and worship music!

Q & A with Mark:


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do with your wife?
A: Date Night! Unless there is an emergency, we always set aside Tuesday evening to have a child-free date together.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do with Noah?
A: We have this thing we do called Rough & Tumble, which is what Noah calls our daily wrestling match on a bed, that always concludes with “just talking about life” time.

Q: What’s been your most suprisingly helpful life experience?
A: Getting my Bachelor’s of Hamburgerology at McDonald’s – laugh all you want, but McD’s management degree earned me 15 units of real college credit!

Q: What movies do you watch annually?
A: The Ten Commandments, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoons Vacation – which, seriously this movie is a reenactment of a 6-week family trip we took in the summer of ’81.

Q: Food preferences?
A: Oh yes. Surf & Turf over tofu, pies over cake, cold drinks over hot drinks, M&Ms over Skittles, and cheese added to anything. In case you’re concerned, my cholesterol is fine!

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