I’m Leaving…Today! | Downey First Christian Church

This week has been an exercise in learning and relearning so many things.  I’m thankful for God’s patience to lovingly teach us even when my first reaction is to get angry because things aren’t going as they are supposed to.

The details are too many and too tedious to list here, but after a series of poorly timed events, I finally have my visa that allows me to enter Ecuador and stay for up to a year.  And I got an extra day, a much needed extra day, to pack, sort and store stuff.  Life was much easier to pick up and go back in college when I did my last internship.

Guayaquil fact: the mosquitoes are bad, folks!  So I get to sleep in this lovely contraption for the next 10 months.  Yes, it goes on top of a bed or you can take it camping.

mosquito net

I’ve got to leave for the airport now.


Love and Peace.


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