I’m Going to the Jungle with CIY | Downey First Christian Church

This is my last post for a couple of weeks.  I’m going to the boonies with CIY and don’t know what internet access will be available.  Ok, I won’t be in a thick rainforest jungle.  The town of Baba on the edge of the jungle surrounded by banana plantations and rice fields.

map to Baba.JPG

Baba is located just short of an hour north of Samborondon.  We take the long way round because it only has a lot of spots where the pavement is gone.  The other road has spots where there is pavement.

Back in May, Pastor Luis Flores invited Samuel to preach and bring along Paola, Jeremy and me.  I don’t have time to tell you about that experience right now, but it is coming.

For now I’ll tell you that they hosted us for lunch and it was great getting to know the brethren.

Wk 6 123.JPG

Also, my old Dell laptop that I brought to Ecuador in case someone could use it, just happened to be the same as the one Pastor Luis Flores had for his photography shop that quit working.  Samuel helped him set it up so he can once again print his digital photos.

Wk 6 078.JPG

Well, my ride is almost here.  So tootles, for now.


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