Faithful Is He That Called You | Downey First Christian Church

Sometimes I feel like Peter when he stepped out of the boat in faith because his Lord called him.  During our the trip in Ecuador last summer, I stepped out of the boat to accept a paid job as an English teacher at a Christian school in Samborondon.

But, then I noticed the storm breaking around me.  The “job” became an unpaid “internship” where I would have to raise support.  Well, I’m too old to be doing an internship, but I felt like I had fallen for the old “bait and switch” routine and was tempted to step back into that boat.  But Jesus was still standing there with his hand extended to me and his look said, “I haven’t changed my mind.  I promised to take care of the details.  I am faithful.”  So, I called it a mission trip and I took a few more steps forward.

That was when the waves started crashing around me.  I wasn’t able to get the fundraising letters out as soon as I had hoped.  Time was really short to get together enough funds to have the first couple of months funded before leaving.  My feet began to sink and I felt hope hanging by a thread.

Last week I got my first balance report and I have great news!  People have been so generous!  I was able to purchase my tickets and can pay for my visa and the first 4 months!  (I’m using a lot of exclamations points!  I’m excited!!!)  And Jesus is right by my side (probably smirking and shaking his head at my antics). “Oh, you of little faith.  Why do you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31)

I’m learning to hold to this:

“He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.”  I Thessalonians 5:24



P.S.  My departure date has changed because it was cheapest to leave on a Tuesday.  So my departure date is April 14 at 9:00 am.

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