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Sent to Ecuador

A blog by Erin Shead

More Than a Volunteer

As I write this, I’m watching a play develop by many members of the IberoAmerican Christian Church in Samborondon. The subject: “safe sex isn’t”. There’s no script. The roles have been assigned and reassigned. The writing is fluid as it goes. The plan is to present it...

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Walking the Streets of Samborondon

Since moving to Ecuador, specifically the town of Samborondon, I’ve learned to be a street-walker. Now, I know what’s going through your head. No, I did not move to Ecuador to become a “lady companion”. I mean, quite literally, I walk in the street rather than on...

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Chile Team Wrap-Up

I've been away from my laptop and spending time with a team from CIY (Christ in Youth) for a couple of weeks in Baba.  I got a day off on Friday to recoup and I got to post pictures from that time.  You can see them here. The last few days I've been hanging out with a...

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I’m Going to the Jungle with CIY

This is my last post for a couple of weeks.  I'm going to the boonies with CIY and don't know what internet access will be available.  Ok, I won't be in a thick rainforest jungle.  The town of Baba on the edge of the jungle surrounded by banana plantations and rice...

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Food Curiosities

Greetings from the land of 12-hour days and 12-second sunsets. Dusk isn’t a time of day; it’s a fleeting moment in time. As I write this, I’m lying in bed recovering from a throat infection. Cultures were not taken to determine what kind of infection. The diagnosis...

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Hey Erin, How Do You Say…?

The past few days have been full of fun activities with a team of 13 from Canyon Hills Community Church. 10 of them were teenagers. 10 indomitable teenagers. They painted and painted and cleaned and carried and moved and painted. And made a few house visits. And beat...

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An Exercise in Frustration

Ages ago, I had a passive-aggressive boss who would say, “Interpret my silence” and leave it to us to figure out what was wrong. I don’t want you to have to interpret my silence. I’d rather tell you what’s going on. And I’m finally at a point where I can do that. So...

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Touristing and Animals

Last weekend the team from North Orange Christian Church went back to sunny, but cool California. I got to hang out with them on their last day as they went sight-seeing and bought souvenirs and trinkets. I didn’t realize how much I miss speaking in English, which is...

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