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Sent to Ecuador

A blog by Erin Shead

Mom and Dad’s Ecuadorian Experience

Greetings from rainy Ecuador!  In the first month of 2017 we met our annual rainfall and it keeps raining. I have a guest author for this post. My mom shares about my folks visit. For several months we, Erin’s parents, had planned and prepared to visit our daughter...

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An Ecuadorian Christmas

Blessing upon Blessing December was an awesome month.  The first Sunday, our church service was blessed with the presence of Sister Aracely.  Over a year ago, she was diagnosed with cancer when they did a biopsy on a grapefruit-sized tumor on her neck.  She’s not been...

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Visa and Parents and Wedding

Visa Greetings from Samborondon, Ecuador! I am so thrilled to finally be able say that! I spent over two months working on one thing after another trying to get the proper documentation to return to Ecuador. Over and over I was told, "We aren't rejecting your visa...

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Back in Ecuador!

Wow, I have yet to complete a month back in Ecuador and so much has happened already. My first week back was a whirlwind. My luggage didn't arrive with me, but I had left clothing and such behind, so I was able to make do for a couple of days. I arrived early Friday...

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I’m Home…For a Bit

I've come to the end of my term teaching in Ecuador and now I'm home for a couple of months.  I'm quite enjoying catching up with friends and family.  I've met my new niece.  My nephew is now a toddler and has titled me "Tea Urn", as Tía (or Auntie) Erin is still a...

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A Visit to Chile

I trust you all had a wonder-filled Christmas and a fabulous new year! I’m finally back in Ecuador after a visit to Chile over the holidays. You may have seen some of the pictures on Facebook. It was a great time to visit friends who were like family when I was...

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Johanna’s Post

I met Erin by fax. We worked at the same big company in an industrial hub southeast of Los Angeles. Semi-trucks by the thousands passed through the city en route to load their trailers or empty them. Dozens of these trucks came through our facility on a daily basis....

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A Visit From Home

In my last post, I closed out because I was receiving guests from my home church, Downey First Christian Church. A group of four came for nearly 5 days. Stephen, the youth minister, was scheduled to teach at the weekend Biblical leadership institute we hold every...

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