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Whether you’re an individual or an organization, there’s a program tailored to the way you want to give. 
Whether you
re an individual or an organization, there
s a program tailored to the way you want to give. The
news is that your food or monetary donations are tax-deduc
Whether you
re an individual or an organization, there
s a program tailored to the way you want to give. The
news is that your food or monetary donations are tax-deduc
Whether you
re an indivun a food drive, give from your company’s overstocks, or donate financially, your donation can make a huge difference for our community.


It takes over 20 volunteers a week to operate FoodHelp!
We especially need help on Fridays and Saturdays,
if you can give of your time and talents, we’d love to have you.

Meals Provided per Month

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10909 New St. Downey, CA 90241

Have a Donation?

Give us a call at 562.862.2438 or email


Every dollar goes directly to the help program. Our overhead expenses are minimal because our systems are donated, the facility is provided, and all the work is done by volunteers. Your donations have a direct and immediate impact on our guests and are tax deductible. We accept one-time donations or you can set up a recurring gift.

Sponsor Specific Items

Our goal is to maintain nutritional staples for our neighbors. These items can be costly, but generous donors like you can help us meet our goal. You can sign up to direct-purchase a specific item, such a bulk rice or beans, or you can target your donations to help us ensure an item like fresh produce is always available.

Conduct a Food Drive

It takes a patchwork of food distribution sites to meet the needs of the community. Service organizations can conduct their own food drives to benefit FoodHelp.
There are many creative approaches to running a food drive, and we can share our knowledge and experience with you. We can even print fliers for your use. 

Specialty Needs Items

Occasionally, we get requests for specialty items, such as organic foods or gluten-free foods that meet specific dietary needs like diabetes or food allergies. These items are always in short supply. If special needs are your passion, we can accept items or donations for specific items as you specify.

Collect Change

A change collection program is a good program for our youngest givers. They can collect small denominations for a specified period and donate them. Such programs are a great way for parents to prepare and encourage their children for a lifetime of giving.


For some, giving doesn’t quite do it because you want to feel the impact directly. Or perhaps you want to make an impact, but don’t have the resources. Either way, you can volunteeryour time and more! We need volunteers Fridays and Saturdays, as well as occasionally through out the week.

Ready to Help?

Give us a call at 562.862.2438 or email

About FoodHelp

In 2005, FoodHelp was founded in Southeast Los Angeles County as a community food program for those requiring assistance.

Our philosophy is simple: Treat all with dignity and respect. Requirements to receive help are also simple: If you need food, we’re here to help. In our humble beginnings, about 10 families received help each week, but the sudden and steep economic collapse in 2008 swelled the number of guests to approximately 85 families a week. Since then, the need has remained constant; the resources remain scarce.

We currently serve 250-300 families a month, with an average family size of four. Due to the continuing need, families are limited to one visit per month. We do, however, make temporary arrangements with those facing severe circumstances and afford special provisions for guests who live on the streets.

In addition to food assistance, we aim to connect with our neighbors and help them through their circumstances. On a periodic basis, we offer hygiene assistance, referrals to shelters, employment workshops and financial management classes to help our neighbors build a foundation for a better future.

FoodHelp is entirely run through donations. We do not receive any regular government assistance. As such, we are responsible and flexible to needs as they occur. People and organizations like yours play a key role in helping us satisfy the needs of the community. 

Some of our amazing donors and volunteers making an impact

Need More Information?

Give us a call at 562.862.2438 or email

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