Chile Team Wrap-Up | Downey First Christian Church

I’ve been away from my laptop and spending time with a team from CIY (Christ in Youth) for a couple of weeks in Baba.  I got a day off on Friday to recoup and I got to post pictures from that time.  You can see them here.

The last few days I’ve been hanging out with a team from Samuel and Paola’s home church in Chile.  It’s kind of nice that I didn’t have to translate for them.  Gives my mind and mouth a bit of a break and it’s nostalgic to be around the Chilean accent and culture of my childhood.

Sunday we took the “chilenos” to see the sights in Guayaquil and then we took them to the beach yesterday.  Their treat. Here are some pictures.


Manuel (center) was so excited to find his name on a pizzaria in Ecuador just a couple blocks from the beach.  He said it’s his retirement plan.


Oh what fun it is to take a picture of a group cramming together for a selfie… and not be standing on the edge of the cliff.


Did I mention is was beautiful, cool cloudy day.  The Ecuadorians were convinced it was much too cold to enjoy the beach.  The Chileans were undeterred.  They’re used to swimming in the frigid Humboldt Current.


Olon beach is one of my favorite beaches.


The pastors’ wives got to hang out together which rarely happens as they all live in different cities. Left to right, Kathi from El Recreo, Fanny from Baba/El Eden, Karen from San Jose, and Paola who travels with Samuel to all the churches so doesn’t really get to call one home.


We also visited the Iberamerican Christian Church in San Jose, a block from the beach.  The church is currently borrowing this building and hope to be able to build their own place in the next couple of years.


We also stopped at a wilder beach town that made me think of Venice beach, but more.  The billboard as you leave town translates to “whatever you did, stays here”, Las Vegas style, but hippier.

Well, the “chilenos” headed home early this morning, so now I’m back to my normal routine.  This week’s normal routine includes writing and administering parcial term exams — which are every six weeks — and grading all the homework I assigned while I was gone.  Yay.

Lupe and Jose went for a walk this evening and brought this back to keep me going.


Blackberry yogurt and “pan de yuca” are further proof that God is good and He loves me.  Oh, and so do Jose and Lupe.



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