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Building to Bless is about using our campus as a tool to reach our community and the next generation for Jesus.  Our church family is currently praying about their involvement in a stewardship campaign to raise the resources for a remodel of our campus.  

Our goal is to receive $950,000 in pledges to be received over the next three years. 

If you’d like to hear more of the vision behind Building 2 Bless, you can read our newsletter here.

Below you can see some concept art of what our building will look like!

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If you’re looking for some encouragement,
we recommend you this read testimony.
God is so good!

My wife and I are long time members of DFCC. We both are aware that we have been richly blessed in many areas of our lives and that includes monetarily. When I heard the news that this year was going to be the capital campaign for our church, my heart sunk a little bit. The reason is because I was forced to give up one of two sources of my income at the beginning of this year. I know that God is good, but it seemed the timing of this capital campaign couldn’t come at a worse time for me and my family.

My wife and I are down to earth people and tend to be financially prudent. We do regularly tithe and we realized that the idea behind this campaign was to give above and beyond our usual offering. It was intended to be Sacrificial Giving. We were part of the Advanced Commitment Campaign and I guess looked at as somewhat of an example. Speaking for myself and being truthful, I’m not a great example. I am a control type person, and if funds aren’t available, I’d rather commit to a lesser amount, and exceed it if funds become available. That made worldly sense to me.

Well, it seems like God had different plans for my wife and I. The allotted time to submit our Advanced Commitment Pledge Card had come and gone. My wife and I couldn’t come to an agreement on what to do. We each had a number in mind but they weren’t close. The underling obstacle for me was my fear of overextending myself. Note the word “myself”. It’s ironic as I realize and acknowledge that my family and all our possessions in this world are entrusted to me to care for by my God. Why is it so hard for me to step out in faith? Why did I put such restrictions on my God?

Well, fast forward four days and through much thought and prayer and even a little arguing, the term Sacrificial Giving finally made manageable sense to us. In a typical year, we would apply a significant amount of extra money towards our mortgage to bring the principal down and shorten the duration of our loan. We thought if we would divert that money for three years that would be a good start, and that it would be sacrificial by putting the Church’s needs before our own. Next, we agreed to apply the dividend from an investment that we receive at the end of each year to Building to Bless.

By applying these two modifications to our newly adjusted budget (remember the loss of income?), it brought us closer to the three year contribution that my wife and I felt led to make and we finally agreed on a total gift. We divided it by three and although the total and yearly amounts seemed crazy to us, especially with the possibility of continued financial uncertainty, my wife filled out the card, signed it for both of us and turned it in.

Now here is where it really gets interesting. My wife had called me earlier at work and mentioned that she would be completing the pledge card and turning it in so it would be counted in the advanced commitment amount this Sunday. I, along with my controlling personality, stayed at work contemplating what we had just done, perhaps second guessing myself, but I had to let it go, it was out of my hands now. I truly thought, God is good and he will provide.

Well now here’s the unbelievable part. After my commute home I walked in the door defeated from the drive home. I sat down next to my wife and she asked how my day was and I told her stressful. I’m wiping tears as I write this.

The love of my life looked at me with an expression on her face that I couldn’t figure out. Naturally I said “what?” She said our accountant had called. I thought oh no, bad news. How much are we going to have to pay this year? Her smile broadened and she said “nothing”. In fact, were receiving a refund this year. And guess for how much? Right about the EXACT amount we had just committed to for this year! We immediately knew that those funds were earmarked by God and that we would be writing our check for this year right away. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we received a tax refund. Do we have an Awesome God or what?

Now I know people in the world will hear this and may try to use the term coincidence. As for me and my house, without a shadow of a doubt, we know this is Gods Hand. This was just another lesson in a lesson plan that lasts a life time. Through obedience, we never stop experiencing Gods Blessings.

Since last Thursday I sit back thinking of the last couple weeks with a small smile on my face and honestly I feel somewhat ashamed of myself. If I could always just let go of my worldly worries and turn them over to my God, I know I would be amazed how richly he would Bless Me.

Our desire in sharing this story with our church family is this. Throughout this three year Building Campaign, and life in general after that, it’s our hope to challenge you to step out in faith and remember, our God is an Awesome God. We just need to let Him lead and then stand back and be amazed.

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