Bienvenida a Casa/Welcome Home | Downey First Christian Church

Greetings from Samborondon, Ecuador! God’s travel mercies allowed me to arrive safely and with all my luggage two nights ago. The picture above is of the poster my host family –Pastor Jose, his wife Lupe, their son Adrian, and Ronald (a college student who lives with them) — made to welcome me. It says “Welcome home, Erin”. They take “mi casa es su casa” very much to heart here. And as you can see they captured my likeness quite well with the wings and flowing hair.

I don’t know what triggers your gag reflex.  For me it’s eggs; whether poached, fried, scrambled, whipped into an omelet or hidden in a quiche, I cannot swallow them. I was nervous that at some point it would come up and I’d have to deal with some unpleasantness. Oh also, I don’t like bananas and I’m a bit finicky about milk.

My first morning, I come down to breakfast and I find that my hostess has gone to great trouble of making fancy omelets and freshly blended banana milk. My internal monologue: “Dear Jesus, are you kidding me? We discussed this. Remember how I didn’t want to deal with this? Well, ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ is about to be put to the test…” I’m happy to report that Jesus heard my cry of despair and I was able to eat the whole thing without a single gag or mis-swallow. Mom, don’t get too excited. I’m not declaring myself an egg-eater just yet.

They took me to a mall for dinner.  Samuel, Chilean missionary, is next to me.  Across from us are Jose and Lupe, my host parents, who also oversee the church and Christian school in Samborondon.


Today, I got to meet some of the teachers at the school. I’m working to learn all their names and they are working on pronouncing mine. The Irish weren’t thinking of how dificult it would be for a Spanish-speaking tongue when they came up with Erin. Neither were my parents. šŸ˜‰

One last thing before I close. Rody, the basketball coach whose house we worked on last summer, came by the school. He doesn’t teach there, but comes to do weekly crafts with the kids. He’s showing me his fancy pens below.


He told me how thankful he was for the work our team did on his house. The rainy season is just winding down. When his neighbors’ houses flooded last month, his house is now high enough that his floors stayed dry.  Way to go, team!




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