4 Days Left | Downey First Christian Church

My time in the States keeps getting shorter and there’s still so much to do. I’m going through all my stuff packing and sorting and tossing. (It always amazes me how quickly I accumulate stuff!)

If you find yourself in Downey on Saturday, come check out our garage sale on Stewart and Gray between Downey and Brookshire. Even if you don’t want to make any purchases, you can meet my mom who is flying in from Missouri to send me on my way. She’s the greatest!

I’m pretty close to my $10,000 goal — 90% ! Thanks to everyone who’s helped get me this far. Several have asked for the donation info. You can give two ways (both are tax-deductible):

1. Downey First Christian Church – Write a check payable to DFCC and drop it in the offering place or mail it to 10909 New Street, Downey CA 90241. In the memo you can put “Erin in Ecuador”.

2. IberoAmerican Ministries – You can give directly to IberoAmerican Ministries online here. Just select “E. Shead – Ecuador” from the drop-down list (names are listed alphabetically by last name).

This Sunday, April 12 is my last Sunday at DFCC and I would love to see you there!  Church starts at 10 AM a block north of the Krikorian movie theater in Downey.  I’ll be in the cafe afterwards, so come by for some coffee and a hug! 🙂



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